Thursday, August 12, 2010


For a while now, Cooper has been obsessed with sports particular team, just teams in general, although he does have some favorites.

And you know how when you're talking/reading about teams and their games- it's US vs. Canada or Redskins vs. Eagles?

I realized that Cooper thinks that vs. is the plural of verse. Because we'll be watching or talking about a game and he'll say- who did they verse or who are they versing? Or my favorite when he's playing a computer soccer game-

"Momma, who should I verse?"

I feel like we're coming upon the end of little kid-isms.....which makes me sad.


Like when he'd say ignoring instead of annoying. So, Savannah would be licking him and panting in his face and he'd yell in, "Momma, Savannah's ignoring me!!"

I LOVED that one!


for the love of a house said...

That face!! Thank goodness he's so good, as that face could talk you into anything!!
Those really are the cutest "kid-isms"... I can see why you will miss them. But just think of all those cute teenager-isms to come;)!!

melissa said...

i know what you mean about kid-isms. i think i have some time but your post made me remember that i want to blog about 'bless you'. megan thinks that's what you can a sneeze since everytime time she doesn't it or someone else does it, we say 'bless you'.