Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Behind Door #1....

is a new car!!

and it's in my garage!!!

EDITED- Just to be clear- my car is new to me....but has been in this world for quite some time. It's a 2004 Toyota and I love, love, love it.

I need to pinch myself (and I think I just heard my dad gasp!).

The last time I bought a car was when I was about 15 minutes pregnant. I mean, wasn't that your first thought when you found out that you were expecting???

The chain of events went something like this-

Jon asked me if I was pregnant and I told him it was impossible.
Jon asked me again and I tell him that there is no way.
Jon puts a calendar in my face and says- I really think you're pregnant.
I ignore him.
He patiently waits another week and asks again.
This time I buy a pregnancy test......it says I'm pregnant.
I take 3 more.
Jon says I told you so.....I'm still not convinced
I go to the doctor and they say, "did you take a pregnancy test?" I say "yes"
They say- you're pregnant.
I demand a blood test.....which, confirms that I am pregnant.
We tell our parents....who are absolutely beyond thrilled and we purchase a new car.

I had a car but no crib. I'm a genius.

Anywhooo- I digress.

It's officially mine and I'm officially excited and we are officially NOT pregnant.
(I think I heard my dad gasp again!)


melissa said...

hilarous. we were close to the same. kevin showed up at my office in a new car (test driving it) when i was pregnant. he didn't think i should be driving a 12 year old car. now i have a 'newer one' and his is now 15 years old! don't let me ride with you or i will have new car envy!

Jennifer Barnum said...

OMG...it is beautiful & you are sooooooooooooo deserving. Merry Christmas to you!

Denise said...

Is this what you gave up cable for? LOL! Your posts always make me laugh Carloyn...love your new ride! We must have that lunch soon:)