Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Get me a bubble, quick!

Sometimes I love that Cooper is eight- there is so much that's great about being "old enough".

He's pretty self sufficient and he knows the rules. He's able to hold quite an interesting conversation with adults (as long as it's a subject matter that he chooses), he's developed a sense of humor and it's a great one and his attention span allows for extended activities. He doesn't have to ride in a car seat which saves a huge amount of time on logistics- the list goes on and on......

But sometimes, I get a glimpse of how close eight is to oh, maybe 13 or 18 and it scares me to death.

I mean seriously- he's a little kid.


A little kid who likes rap music and contact sports and knows cuss words.

Because I let him outside of the bubble, that's how.
How I rue the day.

Today on the way home from after care he was unusually quiet- so I asked him if all was ok.

His answer?
"I'm fine momma, I was just thinking hard about something".

Me: Oh, want to tell me about it?
Him: I was thinking that it was very interesting that all of the cuss words have four letters in them. Well, all except for the A word.

Me: (struggling to keep the car in my lane) Well, yes- most of them do have four letters.

Him: Are there any with more than four?
Me: (silently dying inside but trying to maintain an open and trusting relationship) There is one that has five, and you're right about the A word.

Him: Momma, I don't think there are any with five letters. Can you tell me that one?
Me: It's the one that starts with a B. Buddy, how come all the thinking about such bad words?

Him: I'm just thinking about stuff that I'll be able to do when I grow up.

I decided to stop asking questions while I was ahead.

Tonight when I tucked him in though....when looked so adorable in his pj's....and he snuggled in tight while I read him a chapter of our current book......that was pure heaven.

Sometimes I love that Cooper is eight.


The Browns said...

sorry Cooper, there's no growing up on our watch!

for the love of a house said...

I love that Cooper is Eight too! Can not believe that that sweet innocent little face knows cuss words.
Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!