Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

I had the day off today....so that I could go on a field trip with the Coopster.

It was a super day....cold, but super!
The highlight was being able to try a suit of armor-

Who doesn't love a kid in a suit of armor?

And, if that wasn't enough to make this the best Tuesday I've had in months....
As I'm typing, that little kid is practicing scales on his recorder.

Great day....sweet kid...and leftover Halloween candy.
I am thankful!!


Denise said...

Glad to be getting caught up with you. Sorry, but the Jason outfit would have not have made me happy either! How about lunch on Friday? Maggie and I can come to Richmond if you are able to meet us. Just let me know~

The Browns said...

omigoodness, he looks SO much like Jon in that picture!