Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Cleanse

I've been thinking for a while about making a change...I couldn't do it on my own, so I enlisted the help of some friends and this book!


The plan was to get together after work for some good wine, yummy food and fashion advice. I was ready for the brutal truth...regardless of what it left me with at the end.

Before they came, I did a little cleaning on my own.


I thought I was thorough....I purged the things that I knew were wrong and some that I was pretty sure about even though I didn't want to admit it.

Evidently, I was a little off. This is where we ended up!


And instead of feeling deflated, or stressed and overwhelmed because I have little left in my closet....I felt great!

This was the message I sent to update some friends who were waiting anxiously for an update-

The purge has been completed. It was brutal, hilarious, alarming and freeing.

And to give you an idea of how the night went....these were some of the comments:

"Um, NO."
"Absolutely not"
"See, look- you just instantly lost 15 lbs!"
"I love those…..they are the most flattering pants you've had on tonight" (this after I had already tried on 16 pairs of pants)

Me- Diana- I like this, do you think it really has to go?
Her- It does. Blocked prints have been out for years.

"Have you ever worn this? Please tell me you haven't." (I had...many times!)

"You can wear that……..but you have to wear flats with those pants" (this was said this repeatedly……evidently ALL of my pants are too short)

And my favorite quote of the night-

"You need to stop wearing blue. It makes you look like a sailor"

I felt energized, free and excited about the possibilities!
Next stop- shopping to fill in the gaps that exist AND to get some longer pants.


I love my friends, I love their honesty, I love that they're willing to help me out in my time of need and I love that we can laugh hysterically about bad fashion and poor color choices.

It's spring, a time for starting again- to tackle a change that you've been meaning to make and to get a fresh start.

The cleanse....hope it helps you too!!


for the love of a house said...

wow, you are very brave and sounds like it was fun! that was one big pile of clothes! I find that no matter how many things I buy for a season (and I don't, so I'm talking like the three tops here;) I always find one "happy outfit" and wear it all the time.
good luck with the shopping!

The Browns said...

This was SOO FUNN!!!!!!!!!

I hope I was more honest than brutal, but I love that you were so open to this, love how much we laughed, and LOVE how fab you look!!

dana said...

oooh. glad to hear that it went well! now there must be loads of space to buy some new things. please do a post on that as well!!