Tuesday, March 15, 2011

S & W- Engagement Party

The festivities have begun....

The "hold the date" magnet is on the refrigerator.
The reception site has been chosen.
The dress has been purchased.
Katie & some of Wade's good friends planned a party- woohoo!!

What a great sister....can't you feel the love!

No question about the love on this shot....

Here's to the happy couple!


We had so much fun....everyone did.


It makes me laugh to remember (well, except for one part where I was trying to get the shot of the century and I fell off a stool and caused a bit of a scene- I've got some bruises and felt like an idiot- otherwise, I'm fine!).


One of Wade's sweet friends had a few beers and asked to use my camera so I could be in some pictures. I was hesitant at first- but these shots make me so happy, it was totally worth it!!


Thanks Harper-


I owe you one!


We can hardly wait for the wedding.

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Nancy said...

We have a family wedding this summer that I can't wait for. Good times will be had for sure!Love your family pics. :) Happy day to you.