Friday, May 16, 2008

Rainy Friday

Such a tiring week.....recovering from weekend/early week visitors. Although I love company and entertaining, it's always draining to get ready and then to get "back to normal".

It's raining today and I decided to work from home. I'm so grateful to be able to do this- it's such a gift. It also helps me to feel green- saving gas and the commute. I can also catch up on laundry which seems to multiply before my eyes!

Had dinner last night with my friend Kelly. We used to work together and it's always good to catch up. Cooper and Jon had boys night- and Jon said that after he tucked Cooper in he went downstairs to clean up a bit and when he went back up Cooper called to him. He asked him if he wanted to come into his room and "talk". How priceless- Jon said that they talked about our funny dog and a crazy dog story that Jon experienced at work today. I do love my boys!

I didn't do a Thankful Thursday list- but there are so many things for me to be thankful for that I want to capture at least a few.

I am thankful that we're living in a place where the weather has had mercy on us- so many natural disasters this week, and as of late. It's heart wrenching and scary to see the devastation and loss of life. We are blessed to be safe.

I am thankful for the people who have more faith in me than I have in myself. I've had a rough 2 weeks at work and there are so many people who have been there to prop me up and to give me strength. I am blessed to be cared about.

I am thankful for my health, and that of my family. We take so much for granted- and so many live with things that greatly impact their quality of life. We are blessed to be healthy.

We are off to Jon's sister's for the weekend. We'll celebrate his aunt's birthday- she's been the surrogate mother since Lolo has been gone. I'm looking forward to it!

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nu's godmomma said...

love how grateful you are for everything! what a beautiful attitude!