Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for so many things, and recently have started to really think specifically about what they are and how blessed I am for all that is a part of my life. How fitting that my first post should reflect the title of this blog- let us be glad.

I am thankful for-

  • my sweet, sweet 5 year old (well, actually 5 3/4 year old if you want to be specific)
  • a wonderful husband who loves me, despite my quirks and freakish rules
  • an amazing mom and dad, who today returned safely from a cruise to the Panama Canal
  • my brother's health- which was in question until a doctor ruled everything to be normal (as of 7am this morning)
  • my sister-in-law and the fact that she passed a test that she never thought she would (I knew you could do it, Kath!)
  • my funny friend Laura- who lost a beloved job but found a new one that promises lots of opportunity for her
  • the joy that our dog brings our son
  • losing 4 lbs since Monday (keep it up!)
  • May- and the amazing colors and feeling that spring brings!

Looking forward to many more thankful Thursdays and to having fun with blogging.

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