Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday & The Loose Tooth

I talked to my mom on the way home from work. Today was her 1st checkup after breaking her pelvic bone. She went yesterday to have an x-ray taken and the doctor gave her a great report this afternoon. Her bone has "knit itself" (is that grammatically correct?) back together and she's officially better! She can begin to get back to her normal routine- her body will tell her when she's pushed too hard. She is thrilled as is my dad- we all are! I am thankful that she received a clean bill of health and can begin to get back to her old self. She'll check in with the doctor again in 2 months, but she shouldn't have any long term trouble, in fact- her bone will be stronger than it was before the break.

Tomorrow is my last day of work before a week of VACATION! I am so ready for a week away and can't wait to get started. We're officially leaving on Monday morning after spending the weekend at the river. This will be the first vacation of its kind for us as a family. We're doing some touristy type stuff with some learning thrown in for good measure. Just like we did when I was little. My dad was brutal on a summer vacation- we all laugh about it now! I hope to have some great adventures to blog about when we return. I am thankful that we're able to take a vacation as a family and and have an opportunity to build memories like those that I have from my childhood.

Some little things to be thankful for- in no particular order:

-that Cooper is so happy with his summer camp situation. I have such a calm feeling each day knowing that he's being well cared for and is loving each second. I can hardly wait to hear how his days have been.

-the hornets nests (2 of them) that are no longer a threat in our yard, thanks to my brave hubby
-a belated birthday card from my friend Laura with a message that couldn't have been any more appropriate (or hilarious). I love that she knows me so well and can make me laugh so hard. I am incredibly appreciative of her friendship
-how good it feels to share the bounty of our garden with others. I took a bag of veggies to work and people that I don't really know were completely blown away.
I love how such a simple thing impacts people so greatly

Big News- Cooper has a loose tooth! He announced to Jon that his tooth sort of hurt because he "hit it on a rock in the river". HUH? Upon inspection we discovered that in fact it was loose (river trauma probably a farce). He's been wondering when he'd have a loose tooth and I kept saying, oh- you're only 5....wait until your 6. Now he's 6 and he's got one. I took a quick video of it and am not the whiz at this yet. I can't get it to turn correctly- oh well. As always, I am thankful for that sweet little kid!

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