Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

First things first- I've decided on a new blog layout that isn't from (just couldn't get over the tag line at the top of the page). I think this one works-and should satisfy me for at least another few months. Perhaps by that time I'll be willing to fork over some cash to have someone make one specifically for me.

Today Cooper had a field trip at camp. Roller Skating! He told me, through teary eyes, that he didn't think that he wanted to do it. I told him that he didn't have to if he didn't want to, but that I thought he might have fun if he tried. I packed the necessary "tall socks" and a notebook & colored pencils just in case things didn't go well. At least he'd be occupied.

I came home from work and he was all excited to tell me how great roller skating was. He loved it! I am thankful that my sweet child is taking more risks and trying new things. It's so hard for him. We talked about God being with him to give him strength whenever he needed it. Today was one of those days.

As he was going through the events of the day, he said that he had a funny story to tell me. Ok, shoot- Apparently, when he was trying to use bathroom, he had a bit of trouble. Once he got his pants down, the skates sort of took over and he lost his balance. He said, "Momma, I just fell right down on the floor and I couldn't get up!". This was one of those times when I simply couldn't hide my laughter- poor kid. The visual on that was priceless!

Last night, I spent some quality time with an amazing group of women. We shared a meal, lots of laughter, a few tears, and a healthy dose of secrets and was such a special night and I loved every minute. I am so blessed to have been led to the group- and am thankful for the opportunity to get to know some new friends, and to deepen my relationship with some old ones.

I've decided that having big personal goals is something that just doesn't work for me. I get overwhelmed and frustrated and it leaves me feeling as if I've failed. Yup- I'm just realizing this. Maybe I've known it for a while, but haven't been willing to admit it. Whatever the case- I'm trying small goals that are totally do-able and when combined over time may/will make an impact. Currently they are-
1) Apply eye cream nightly
2) Apply moisturizing sun screen regularly
3) Switch 1 drink per day to water
4) Climb the stairs at work once per day (I work on the 4th floor and it may as well be the 74th floor by the time I'm at the top. I can't speak -I can barely breathe- for at least 10 minutes after I reach the top)
5) Be more loving/appreciative towards my hubby!
I am thankful for the way I feel after achieving these in any given day!

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The Browns said...

a - I hate the stairs too. No matter how much I run - I can NEVER breathe at the top of those darn stairs. AUGH!
b - sunscreen daily is a must! I did not know you didn't do this. We must discuss.
c - Yeah for Cooper! I can so appreciate the joy you feel when your baby takes risks that are tough for him!