Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend in Review (Watermelon....Fiasco!)

Couldn't get home fast enough on Friday....just threw a basket of clean clothes in the car and hoped that there would be something for everyone. Jon could literally wear the same thing all weekend, and sometimes does- but I'm not that laid back. Luckily, it all worked out.

Wade (Jon's nephew) met us at the river. He arrived first and it was so nice to pull into the driveway and be welcomed by lights AND a cool house. Usually we have to wait a bit for things to cool off and we feel around for the light switch after opening the door.

Everyone needs a Wade. He's the best, we love him dearly- Cooper idolizes him. They typically do to dinner twice a month (Cooper's choice- usually Chick Fil-a or McDonald's) and then either hit Target or Dick's Sports. In Jon's family, there is a phenomenon of sorts- each of his siblings has been adopted by an aunt, uncle or (in Jon's case, a neighbor- which could be an entire blog itself- I digress) during their childhood or "early on-your own stage". That person just sort of develops an extra special relationship with the child/young adult during that time and beyond. It's not a planned thing, it just happens. We are carrying the torch for the next generation and have adopted Wade, who moved to our town after graduating from college. He comes for dinner, family events or just to hang out and brings laughter, perspective and camaraderie for both Jon and Cooper. I reap the benefits in alone time with a good magazine, or in complements for the food I prepare and best of all, someone to witness the nuttiness that is sometimes our life! Complete Win/Win! Aren't they so great together!

So the big event this weekend was the garden. It's doing so great and I have tons of pictures and even more fresh veggies and we're all SO excited. The complete over the top crop for us this year is watermelon- anyone can grow a tomato (we've done it for years) but watermelon- that's HUGE. Please take a gander if you will of our journey.

Our friend Greg (an honest to goodness real life farmer), told us that his grandaddy always picked his watermelon when the leaf in the 1st "V" of the vine was dead. That was true today and so, we picked.

Here is a quick peek at Cooper giving "him" a new home.

Everything looks great....Jon gets a sharp knife and makes the first cut. We are each so proud that we can hardly stand it. The fruit cuts easily, and Jon turns to show us what we've so lovingly grown- none of us can say a word.
For a minute, I wonder whether we bought some crazy hybrid "white watermelon". And then it sinks in.....

Evidently, there is a magical step missing in Greg's grandaddy's practice for picking watermelon. Not one to give up without a fight, Cooper tries to love it.

At least we still have hope for the cantaloupe (and subsequent FULLY RIPE watermelons).

Hope you had a great weekend too!


The Browns said...

LOL! I can only imagine the reaction to the white watermelon! What disappointment. I am impressed and proud though!

Denise said...

Funny story...I love the look on his face as he "tries" to like it!