Friday, December 12, 2008

Sick Chick

That's what my mom would always say when we were growing up and one of us was sick.

"we have a sick chick"

Well, we have a sick chick- and it's pitiful. Poor little thing. He's so sick that he's sleeping on the kitchen floor because that's where the dog is and she is the only thing that makes him feel better.

sick kid 2

We thought he was faking last night (yes, I'm aware that I'm not winning any awards here). He thought that there was a program at school today and he wasn't quite ready to make his 1st grade stage debut. I assured him that the program wasn't until next week and he'd be fine but he still insisted that he didn't feel well. He ate some dinner and was on the sofa until it was time for bed. He asked me to carry him- ok, I'll play we got to the bottom of the steps, he looks up and says- "go back, go back" and then...he got sick all over the place. I.FELT.SO.BAD.

We had a long night- that resulted in probably 3 hours of sleep for each of us (well- Jon slept soundly, as did Savannah). It's been a long time since he's been this sick.

No school for the Coopster- and 5 of his closest 1st grade buddies. Apparently, something is going around.

I'm hopeful that it's just a 24 hour thing....and so incredibly thankful for his general good health.

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The Browns said...

oh NO - poor thing! Sounds like what Simon had. I'm hoping it's passed by now.

PS - Seriously - that picture of Cooper and Savannah is too sweet. A real keeper.