Sunday, December 7, 2008

They're Home!!

My parents are home and I'm SO thrilled! I do worry when they are gone. They had a fantastic trip- met wonderful people, ate good food and saw amazing sights. Cooper has been getting postcards from them for the past few weeks and it's really hard to fathom that the places that he's been obsessed with for the past year are actually real and they have been there. I can't wait to hear the details and see some actual photos.

I talked to my parents tonight for an extended time and had a conversation about Christmas gift ideas. This is an actual conversation between my mom and I.

Me: So, what is on your Christmas list? Anything special?

My Mom: You know, I've been thinking- I'd really like one of those tape recorders that you use headphones to listen to.

Me: (after replaying her response back in my head twice to make sure I heard her correctly) Mom, are you talking about a WALKMAN??

My mom: Is that what they're called?

Me: Yes, and they stopped making them like 25 years ago!! MOM- why in the world do you want one of them?

My mom: Well, I thought I could use it when I went to the Y. Everyone has one.

Me: MOM! You cannot have one- I simply cannot let you go to the Y with a Walkman. Everyone else has an iPod. Do you want one of those?

My mom: Oh no, that seems much to technical for me.

My dad: Yes, your mom really isn't technical at all.

Ya think?? A walkman- hilarious!!!

I sure do love those crazy kids (it will drive my mom nuts that I've called her that- but I simply couldn't resist.

Welcome Back Mom & Dad!!!

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The Browns said...

OH MY GOSH! I'm cracking up and can't wait to talk to you about this! I had the EXACT VERBATIM conversation with my mom last year. "Um...I'm wondering if they make something like a walkman that I could play my CDs on." "You mean - a disk man??" Hilarious!