Monday, April 20, 2009

Before & After

This weekend we had perfect weather, the kind that begs for beautification projects. We made our 1st trip to the river to open the house for the season.....I love this time. No TV, no computer, no stress. Just family, amazing friends and the great outdoors. We got so much accomplished- take a look!

My goal was to spruce up the beds which were clearly in need of some help! I've still got the window boxes to do. If you look closely, the before pic is sans a light on the right. Our handy neighbor helped Jon (or really, the other way around) to install new lighting fixtures. They are just darling- now our little cottage is lit up to to welcome us home!




Our other priority was to plant the garden. The crop we (read-Cooper)most want to grow? The 300 lb. pumpkin of course! Ohhh- if it could be only 1/2 that size we'd jump with joy. We can wish, dream, hope, pray and coax...

Pumpkin 2009
Think good things for us- October is a looonggg time away.

(Why do I always take squinty eyed pictures? Have I no skill?)

Hope your weekend was wonderful too!


Denise said...

Looking good Carolyn! Can't wait to see the pumpkin~

Lora said...

I might have to plant a pumpkin now too! we can have a gourd-off in the fall!

The Browns said...

Looks beautiful!! If I give away one of my kids could we get an invite back sometime?? :)