Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Class Play

Cooper's school is big on public speaking. This is great, if you're outgoing and a not deathly afraid of crowds and well, speaking in public.

Last year he cried through the first month of school, the patriotic program, the Christmas pageant and the Norway program. He made it through his class play and Author's Day without tears- I was elated and thought we were making progress!

This year, he cried on the 1st day of school and at Mexico Day. He made it through the Christmas Pageant (barely) but flew through the Poetry Reading with no issue. The class play was a total gamble.

He rocked it!


He was the best python ever to appear in a production of Why do Mosquitoes Buzz in People"s Ears? No offense intended to the other python in the program- he too did a great job!


We were so thrilled for him (and more than a little relieved)- you know those moments that you beam with pride and it just overwhelms you and you think that your heart just may explode with the complete feeling of love and adoration for the being that is your son, but you have to keep it tucked inside so that people don't think that you're completely over the top and obnoxious?? I think I was able to achieve that delicate balance (Jon confirmed it so there!)


One of the best parts of class plays is the school tradition of "star mail". The rest of the lower school attends each production along with parents and grandparents. Once the children get back to their classrooms, they each choose a character in the play and write that child a note telling them why they liked their play. I LOVE this exercise for so many reasons- for the lessons it teaches, for the pride it builds and for the school community that it builds.

The below are notes that that Cooper received with spelling as is*!

Dear Cooper,
You were so good. You spoke so loud and clear. Your costume was very cool. You were the stare* of the show.

Your friend,

Dear Cooper,
Your costume was graet*. You were a star.
Your friend,

PS. A is for Awesome C is for Cool E is for Excellent
PPS. You were the best
PPPS. Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears is an awesome name.

The faces of the children as they read their mail- pure joy! How great is that?? For a group of 1st graders- the experience is priceless.

The same is true for their moms.

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Jennifer Barnum said...

I loved this post. I had a similar experience with Eli this weekend...I took him to the movies for the first time. We had very low expectations but he sat through the whole movie & didn't get overwhelmed with the noice and/or people. It was one of my proudest Mom moments. Hopefully there will be lots more to come...