Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We celebrated a bit early with an Egg Hunt on Saturday. Our little group was cobbled together, Jess brought the kids (George is counting down the days until April 15th), my mom (my dad was at an Army Band Reunion until late Saturday) and Jon's sister and her family. In years past, I have made Wade and Katie search for beer and money so that Cooper wouldn't search alone. Sean & Patrick filled that gap this year!

pre hunt

Sadly the weather didn't cooperate and so we searched inside-


They didn't seem bothered and the bounty was plentiful (although he does look a bit worse for the wear)!!

post hunt

We had a super time together, celebrating with wonderful food, good friends, family and so many things to be thankful for. We are all so amazingly blessed.

I love Easter- the new beginning, a fresh start, a bright outlook and so much happiness. A time to really be glad and to celebrate.

Our children's sermon this morning captured the Easter message in a way that made the whole thing much more clear for Cooper. The children was given a noise maker and they were able to use it each time we said Alleluia because we were practicing exuberance for God...."going crazy for Jesus". Totally out of character for our typically conservative church- but really powerful none the less.

Hope your Easter was filled with love, happiness & just the right bit of crazy!!

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Denise said...

Looks like your Easter was wonderful! Glad to be catching up with everyone!!