Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Human in Here....

This weekend, although beautiful, was HOT. Hot enough that it was 86 degrees in my bedroom. I'm NOT a fan of intense heat...or sweating (you can say perspire if you'd prefer...but it's really sweating).

Cooper and I walked upstairs together and the heat hit me immediately. Clearly it hit him too because this is what he said:

"Can I turn on the fan? It's really human in here." (His face was completely serious.)

"Um, (gulp)well of course you can turn on the fan! But Coop?"

"Yes, Momma?"

"I think the word you meant to use was humid- instead of human."
"Oh. Yes. Humid."


1 comment:

The Browns said...

THank God you corrected him! Next thing you know he'd be asking for "mayan pilla to lay his head on after his Agg"!