Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day weekend was a dream!

Friday- worked late and drove to the river to meet Jon and Cooper. We had pizza and giggles while the rain pounded our little cottage and the lightning illuminated the sky. The big kind of strikes that crackle and leave lines and are spooky but beautiful.

Saturday- I slept late and the boys brought be breakfast. I had a day of shopping planned with the girls and could hardly wait. Before I left, Cooper was insistent upon giving me a Mother's Day gift. Jon tried to talk him out of it- but couldn't. He kept saying that I needed to have it before I went shopping. Apparently something clicked for Jon and he finally agreed.
Who doesn't need a green shopping bag with one of a kind artwork? I was armed and dangerous for my excursion. The shopping fairies were kind to me and I found all sorts of goodies for summer. My bag returned from it's maiden voyage stuffed to the top!

We went to our favorite pub by the water for dinner and by chance started talking to the owner. He then proceeded to invite us to sit at "his" table. We shared some great conversation and he ate his dinner while we waited for ours. Cooper was quite confused about "the man who ate dinner with us" but we loved it. Typically, we have crabcakes- but "Deano" said that they had 2 amazing specials. A crab sampler (stone crab claws, rock crab claws and king crab legs)- YES! Jon had the flounder, Cooper had chicken fingers. Deano told him that they had trouble finding chicken with fingers which brought a chuckle and all of us ranked it among our all time best meals. I was in heaven. We ended the night with a walk along the waterfront.

Sunday morning began early with a weird feeling that someone was watching me. Cooper was less than 3 inches from my face with a huge grin, just waiting for me to open an eye. Behind his back was my second Mother's Day gift.
The other side says "corn". Apparently he was hungry while getting creative. He was so proud of himself. I adore a homemade gift and his this year have special places in my heart and home.

We had a picnic with our river friends- great food, fun conversation, softball for the dads and kids and moms doing what we love most......chatting, enjoying the sun and smiling on our families.

As a grand finale, Jon was able to take a picture of Cooper and me that I love-

It was a wonderful weekend and perfect day!
Hope your Mother's Day was just as special.


Denise said...

Happy belated Mother's Day to you...sounds like it was a great weekend. And I love that picture too! Let's try to get together soon.

The Browns said...

Ahh - so glad you had a great mother's day! What beautiful and thoughtful gifts - and what a GREAT picture! You both look beautiful (but tell Cooper I said he looks handsome!).

Sallie said...

Love that story! Happy Mother's Day (a little late). Cooper & Jon did a fab job.

Lora said...

happy mother's day! It's nice to see your faces!