Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday

A short week that feels like a long one.....I cannot wait for tomorrow at 5, when the weekend starts and we can focus once more on what is important, rather than what needs to be done to make ends meet!

I am thankful for my job- I find myself in an uncomfortable space right now....a place where part of me knows exactly what to do and part of me is living in a fog. The days seem so difficult and I found myself in a situation where I literally couldn't answer a question that was asked of me. I thought about it- and I'm sure I used to know the answer- I had to have known. But for the life of me, I couldn't recall and people were counting on me to have the solution. It was painful. In the end- I said that I didn't know- and someone else needed to help them. And you know what- the world didn't end, I didn't get fired, and someone else figured it out. And now I know. Sometimes the fear grips me and I can't move- but I need to have faith, and ask for help when I need it and feel good about this uncomfortable space that I think will lead me to a better place on the other side.

I am thankful for time spent with Cooper this week doing things that will hopefully be etched in his mind always.

Our trip to choose the puppy...

a stop along the highway to enjoy an incredible view...
the final Tiger Scout Meeting at his scout leaders house, complete with a water slide....

I am thankful that Jon had a safe trip over the Memorial Day weekend, when traffic is nuts and accidents are plentiful.

I am thankful for good friends- friends who laugh with me, listen to my rants and raves, who love me for who I am and who tell me when my underwear is showing during a meeting (uh, yes- true story).

I am thankful for kind bloggers who leave comments that never fail to bring me a smile, and who take risks themselves and inspire me to take some too.

I am thankful!!

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Lora said...

I am thankful for your blog, which I'm slightly obsessed with but not enough that you should worry!

I'm totally harmless, I swear!