Monday, May 25, 2009

Need a Tractor?

Have I got a deal for you....

Click here for the chance to own a great little tractor, previously owned by my nutty husband.


I do adore the man, but seriously- I've been through a lot. Last year he HAD to have this tractor. He sold our boat and used the funds to buy it......and I admit- it's come in handy. He ripped out our old front walk and all of our bushes.


We added a new walk in a much more up to date shape and material. We re-landscaped and now have actual grass in our yard. I am THRILLED.


When it snowed this winter, he drove all over the neighborhood and plowed driveways- free for the asking, but he did make some cash too. And the whole time, he could talk of nothing more than his love for this piece of machinery.

The tractor again came in handy for our garden. It's amazing this year! The soil the softest potting mix you can imagine- all because of the tractor. What used to take hours to do took him a fraction of the time this year- and the results (so far) have been fantastic.

But, he's had a go at having a tractor and is again focused on a boat (which I cannot say that I'm all that unhappy about). And so, the tractor must go.

So if you know anyone.....or if you yourself could use a tractor.......don't be shy.

PS- I MUST point out that this is the 2nd time he's posted it. The 1st time didn't amount to a purchase (or even a single bid). I couldn't even look at the posting because I knew it would give me heart failure (from the spelling errors alone). I did ask him though- "how are you planning to get the tractor to the new owner?". His answer- "oh, I said that I'd deliver it anywhere for a price" WHAT?? Are you kidding me???? Do you have any idea how large this COUNTRY is?? And then I calmly removed myself from his presence.

His new posting says that he will deliver within 250 miles. At least I was able to influence him on that piece. (It truly is the little things)


The Browns said...

ha!!! he is hilarious - and this was a great recap of the trials yours hubby's whims have taken you on!

PS - your walkway looks beautiful!

Sallo said...

Dare I tell Ricky? :)

Jennifer Barnum said...

I will trade you a donkey for the tractor?! Who knew Jon was a closet redneck & owned a tractor.

for the love of a house said...

Yes, we do need a tractor!! Congrats on your sale!
Wanted to say that your home is lovely.... your grounds beautiful.