Tuesday, May 26, 2009

She Picked Him!

this one is mine

This picture makes me smile....he's so happy and so thrilled. I am not so sure the same is true of the puppy....but if she had any idea how lucky she is to have him as her boy- well...she's one lucky dog!!

She's still too little to come home....we have 3 1/2 more weeks until the big day....but we went to choose her and instead- she picked him.

The entire experience was magical- there is something about puppies, green grass, blue skies and sunshine (oh, and a 6 year old) that makes all seem right with the world.

The countdown continues....


Amy said...

Dear Carolyn,
I just sent a reply to your sweet comments on my blog...but I'm so technically illiterate, that I don't know if they will reach you because it's a "noreply."

So, I apologize to all of your friends and readers, but I want to make sure you receive this so...here goes the cut and paste version!

Dear Carolyn,

Thank you so much for visiting, and for your kind words of empathy and encouragement.

I, too, struggle for balance...as you may have read! I'm so hoping that having a heart in the right place goes a very long way with the Big Guy Upstairs. :) I think it does...Otherwise, He would have, for sure, given up on me a long time ago!

I hope you will return again and again. And I look forward to visiting you along your journey. I have been blessed to meet the most wonderful friends in this way.

God bless you as you travel on. He wants nothing more than to hold your hand. :) (Take it from one who was very slow to surrender. It is such a mighty relief!)

With Love and Prayers,

p.s. Keeping it "boring-but happy" sounds like just the ticket!

Amy said...

p.p.s What a PRECIOUS boy you have...and a precious puppy soon to add!

Flo said...

Thanks for your post of encouragement! Yes, Layla is THE BEST. She gives me ideas that I never would have thought of myself! I've enjoyed reading your blogs...especially the "Vanilla" post. I think I posted a post a while back about my sister and I and the title was "She's Chocolate, I'm Vanilla" haha....keep up the good posts!