Monday, June 1, 2009

Alternative Route

Typically, the drive to take Cooper to school is peaceful and relatively mindless. We meander through the neighborhoods so we don't have to take main roads and chat about whatever subject is pressing that day.

This was not the case today. We passed 4 (yes, 4) dead things in the middle of the road. Things that I had to steer the car around so as not to inflict more kill into the "road kill".

2 squirrels (which I'm not that undone by- but one prompted this reaction from Cooper- Momma- look at him!! He's frozen with his arms straight up!" "Ahhh, yes- I believe you are correct."
1 cat (so, so sad)
1 bird

I said a little prayer that this is not an indication of how the rest of my day/week will go (and also for the owner of the cat). To compensate and lift my spirits, I'm wearing a new outfit & shoes.

I also took an alternative route on the way home!

Hoping your day/week go well and that you don't encounter anything dead in your path!!

1 comment:

The Browns said...

Sounds like us last weekend...
dead baby bird, dead baby bunny, and dead cute little tree frog (that started off alive when Brian showed it to Griffin and ended up dead by the time Griff was done with him. This Lennie phase of his has to pass soon or will be investing in major therapy soon!)