Saturday, June 6, 2009

Do You Want Fantastic Flips?

Cooper informed me that I could have fantastic flips this morning as I was using a flat iron to "smooth" my hair. He watches me almost every morning, but today was evidently different.

This is our conversation-

Him- Momma, did you know that your flat iron isn't good for your hair?
Me- Well, it's not the best thing....but I like how it makes my hair look.
Him- Have you ever heard of the in styler?
Me- The what??
Him- The in-styler. You can have elegant curls and fantastic flips.
Me (fighting back laughter)- What in the world are you talking about?
Him- Momma, you should really try it. It will definitely make your hair look way better than it does now.

Thanks buddy- I'm incredibly touched that you're concerned about my hair. A little paranoid now maybe, but touched none the less.

My kid is a sucker for an info-mercial. Just like his dad. We've got the bullet, snuggies, the sham wow and the ped-i-cure....and those knives that never need to be sharpened. Evidently, there has been a little too much tv viewing in our house as of late!

I was interested I clicked here and learned all about it. I'm interested, and more than a little tempted.

Anyone have it?? If you do, please leave me a comment with a review!!

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The Browns said...

OMG - laughing out loud!! You MUST try this - and for just $14.99, why wouldn't you??