Sunday, June 21, 2009


I'm 40. I don't really feel different than I did when I turned 39 (at least not yet!)

Jon has been making me a cake for my birthday since we got engaged. I adore the tradition and the labor of love that it is.
He missed one year- the year that Cooper was born.
I cried.
It could have been the postpartum hormones- whatever the reason, he's never missed a year since.

My cake this year was fabulous! They've all tasted wonderful (my favorite is white cake), but the decorations are always a gamble. This year he made a smiley face with the shape of 40 and embellished with candles- lots of them.
He's creative that one!


Cooper helped me to blow out the candles.


Jon took me out for tapas on the 18th and so my celebration with cake was at the river- complete with my parents and our river family. It was a special night!


The Browns said...

Happy Birthday you two!!

PS - You look great in the last pic...and your eyes look super, super blue! Is it that fancy new camera or a side effect of being 40??

carolyn said...

Hmmm- I think its a combo deal.

1) sun
2) shirt that highlights eye color
3) fancy new camera
4) amazing lighting of 40 candles on cake!!!