Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flop & Props

Friendship is...
-when a friend sends you an instant message at work that says- "Come see me....I need fashion advice"
AND she has every expectation that I will drop everything to come and provide said advice.

Friendship is...
-knowing that telling the truth is the only real option regardless of how much it may hurt!
"Yup- I'm getting an MC Hammer type vibe from those pants too."

True friendship is...
when that friend agrees to be photographed with the knowledge that said MC Hammer pants will be posted on the internet.

But truly....how could I resist?? It was clearly hammer-time!


We laughed so hard....and she agreed, it was time to part ways with the 80's.

Friendship is
-sharing your most creative ideas and being ok with someone else imitating your hard work!

Check out the handiwork here- she created their name with photos taken on family vacation. Genius I tell you.


Thanks Diana- for letting me share your flop, for being most deserving of some props but best of all, for being such a good friend!


Jennifer Barnum said...

Hammer "can't touch it!" Diana is so lucky that she has such a good & honest friend that works with her.

dana said...

hehe!!! love this! "hammer time" ... i'll be singing this all day long!

The Browns said...

Friendship is having a friend to laugh with you!! Thank you for being a good enough friend to set me straight!

Peace -
DJ Dirty D (AKA Hammer)

The Browns said...

If I knew how to link back you'd know I just posted about this little here tribute of mine.

Peace - we outta here.


lettersfromsouthbeach said...

Okay, I haven't read and commented in forever, I know, but I'm here now and that's all that matters, right? OK, your post was hilarious!! I can't believe she actually consented to allowing you to take a photograph! Hope you are doing well. My blog is still experiencing technical difficulties which is why I haven't updated in almost a year!

Mary said...

Awww!!! Diana you looked beautiful as always! Think of it this way, at least your zipper wasn't down! (Ask Carolyn about that!)

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