Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't Be Crabby!

Our friends Will & Patti stopped by on their way home from the beach. We hadn't seen them since last year and it was great to catch up.

Crabs seemed like the logical choice for dinner. Jon made some calls and found a guy with some to sell that were caught that morning. Perfect!

They came with one restriction- we had to pick them up by 5 because that's when he had to leave to report to jail. Yup, true story. Seems that he had some struggles with driving on a restricted license and was sentenced to a year of weekends in jail. There are times when I shake my head about our weekend life, and sometimes when I wouldn't change it a bit. It's salty and makes for lots of laughs!

Crab Mosaic

The first crabs of the season always taste so good and these didn't disappoint- they were amazing!!


Lora said...

I think that crabs bought from a guy who has to report to jail before supper would be the best crabs ever!

The Browns said...

Looks delish - and begs the question...when are we coming down??