Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekend Fun-

Busy weekend...but lots of fun!

Jon had graduation on Saturday. He escapes having to wear his own cap and gown by volunteering to work security instead. Security means patting down the students (no females) to ensure that they don't have any prohibited contraband (streamers, beach balls and cell phones). Remember when we used to have so much fun with silly kid pranks like that? Now, they are all business.

He got a tear in his eye as he relayed a story from the day. Evidently, prior to the graduates lining up to walk to their seats, they file by the teachers. Jon said that as they went by him, every single one of his kids got out of line and either shook his hand, or gave him a hug. Every single one. He was incredibly touched and so proud of them.

His kids are amazing- and the club that he sponsors does a million things that make my jaw drop open....they are kind, compassionate, resourceful and talented. They give me faith in the future.

After graduation, we headed to the river and the girls took me for my 1st pedicure. Yes, it's true. My 1st one. I'm sort of a freak about feet....but I'm almost 40 and decided that it was about time. I cannot say that I am a fan, but I will say that they look very nice. I think there is something creepy about someone being that close to my feet. Oh well- it was an experience and I did indeed feel pampered.

Sunday morning took us on a hunt for turtles. It's become a bit of a family ritual- we drive around looking for turtles.....and the weather on Sunday was perfect for hunting. After only 5 minutes of hunting- we hit pay dirt!


The rest of the day was spent at the dock....
sepia day
on the water.....


and exploring!



I do live for the weekends!!


Lora said...

that pic of the knee picking is gorgeous! I hope that gets enlarged and hung up soon!

dana said...

your 1st pedi ... ever? did i really read that right? i don't believe it. it can't be. seriously? i'm so baffled.

The Browns said...

say what??? do I know you?? your 1st pedi??? what are you - unamerican or something?

We must talk.