Thursday, July 2, 2009


Cooper is newly obsessed with something called a tech deck- an item that last week did not even exist in his world. Thanks to a kid at summer day camp he not only knows what they are but he is insistent on having one of his very own.

He talks about it every. single. day.

This was the conversation yesterday morning:

Cooper: Daddy, Momma is going to take me to T@rget today after camp so that I can get a tech deck.

Jon: Really? Why do you think that?

Cooper: Because I'm psycho.

Jon: Is that right???

Hmmm.... psycho, psychic....not so different if you think about it!!!

Have a great day!!


Mary said... son was in to yu-gi-oh cards forever! So three years and hundreds of dollars later he is finally done with that obsession! Also, I have to tell you as a Mom you will never understand how to play tech deck...I think it's a secret boy thing that girls aren't supposed to understand!

Sallie said...

Caro! We have lots of Tech Decks and Sarah Clay even got a Tech Deck van from Santa that folds into a hip-hop skateboard park. Word! (Or something.)