Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday and general ramblings....

So, I'll start with a disclaimer....what follows may not reflect 100% positively on my hubby, but it will make you laugh (I think!). He's really an intelligent person, but quite frankly his spelling is terrible and at times his grasp of the English language worries me (usually after a few drinks- but still). Like the time that I complained that he really wasn't very thoughtful. And his response to me was- I am VERY thoughtful, I think nice things all the time. Ummmm- clearly we do have an issue, because that's NOT what thoughtful is. I need you to ACT on those nice thoughts. Still a work in progress.

Anyhoo- tonight we went to the mall with the dog (yes, our crazy mall allows dogs- it's strange but really lots of fun!). We ate dinner and stopped at a video place and then went to the 3 Dog Bakery. They have great little training treats that are puppy bite size and perfect for working on getting that silly dog to do what we need her to do. While we're looking at the 15 thousand items in stock Jon says to me in a super loud voice- Hey, check out these bitchin' fries. Suddenly you can hear a pin drop in the place and I turn around to see what in the world he's talking about. This is what I see.

bichon fries
Uhhh, honey- those are bichon know those little white fluffy dogs- bichon frise......don't you get it- bichon fries....frise??? At this point he is laughing so hard and I am trying to keep it together but it's just not working. Really honey- bitchin' fries???? I'm pretty sure they are running a family operation and trying to keep it clean. For goodness sake.

And so, I am thankful for moments in our marriage that truly make me laugh. We have them a lot!!

On Sunday as we were packing to leave the river, I took a weird step and felt a terrible pain in my knee. It almost took me to the ground and felt a little like something moved to a place that it shouldn't be. I got myself together and hobbled inside to try and recover. By Monday, it was clear that things were not getting better so I went to our clinic at work. They sent me to an sports medicine clinic where I was x-rayed and told that based on my symptoms and they type of pain I was having that I had torn my meniscus.

Until that moment I didn't even know that I had a meniscus. They loaded me up with directions and crutches, told me they'd schedule an MRI and I'm to see the orthopedic surgeon next week. You have GOT to be kidding me- surgery?? Well, only maybe. So, I've been gimping around all week and have been quite cranky about the whole inconvenience of it all. I am noticing a difference but things still aren't right so I'm getting more convinced that it really is a problem.

I am thankful that it's not worse than it is and really, for my general good health which I take for granted WAY too often. Crutches are not fun but at least they are temporary at best and in no time I'll be back to "normal". That's not the case for many people. I am so blessed with my health- we all are.

Not being exactly mobile this week has left Jon in charge of the kid and the pup. Always a good story there-

They took Gypsy to a self wash dog parlor to give her a bath. Evidently, she wasn't a fan!
gyp at the wash

She did come home looking so sweet and fluffy and smelling delish. Although she's still struggling with potty training, I really do love that puppy.

I am thankful for the joy that our new pet brings, that she seems to sense that Cooper is the one who needs her most and so she seeks him out and showers him with licks and wags of her tail. He's not ready to say that he loves her more than Savannah (he's loyal, that kid!) but he sure does think she's pretty special.

Tomorrow is Friday. I have to go to court for a traffic violation. My license plate tags had expired. This is one of those jobs that I absolutely believe needs to belong to Jon. Regardless of whether it's my car or not. Mechanical stuff and upkeep falls into his realm (as does the trash). Unfortunately, he doesn't share my thoughts and so consequently I've been driving on an expired tag since April and didn't realize it until the policeman called it to my attention. Honestly, in the scheme of things, not even a blip- just irritating and a waste of my time and money. I'm hopeful that they'll drop the charge since I can prove that I've now updated my registration (ok, I just did it today, but that's not the point).

I am thankful that I've got the funds to renew the crazy tag and to pay the ticket should they not throw it out of court. I take for granted how much we have and how blessed we are to have jobs so that the money continues to come.

Exciting news at the river- a guy is coming to paint our external door, the sunroom and our bedrooms. I am thrilled- and it is CHEAP!! I love that things are so reasonable at the river- because people there are carefree and love life and have no concept of busy or overwhelmed or stressed out. I dream about that life. I need to pick out colors- I love that part!!

I am thankful for the river house and everything that it means to each of us- a place to relax, unwind, be unplugged, be together, play, rest, focus on the good things and create memories for us that will last a lifetime.

This post is getting long.....there are a gazillion other things.......for my mom and crazy phone conversations, for Friday nights with the girls, for clothes that make me feel pretty and better yet, skinny, for West Wing re-runs and the Today Show, for living in a cul-de-sac, for rearranging the living room, for building new relationships at work, for comfy beds and cute flip flops.

I am so thankful!!


Jennifer Barnum said...

Thanks for the laugh. That was a funny post. Please tell me that your husband is not an ENGLISH teacher.

dana said...

hehe!!! that is too funny. i have to admit that i *kinda* had the same thought as jon's at first, and then when i read that part about you being in a dog bakery it became more clear.

love that pooch!!

hope your knee heals quickly. ouch!!

Mary said...

This was the best story I've heard in a while! I posted it on my Facebook!

By the are totally right that husbands are responsible for everything on the car....

carolyn said...

For the record, no- he doesn't teach English...another thing I'm thankful for!!


The Browns said...

bichon frise - LOVE IT and love him!

Denise said...

Ok, the bitchin fries story had me laughing out loud...I think that Jon and Jeff have a lot in common!