Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

My appointment with the orthopedic surgeon went well (considering the options).

I got a cortisone shot (I'm not a fan), a knee brace, an order for 5 weeks of physical therapy and, a CANE. Yup- I'm an 87 year old woman.

The alternative could have been the determination for surgery....but my Dr. Z is pretty confident that I can avoid that. I'm really hoping he's right.

I am thankful for doctors with great bedside manner, a super sense of humor and lots of certificates on the wall touting their expertise!

I found the best fresh peaches....and Cooper loves them!


I am thankful that scurvy prevention is still going strong!!

For years, our garden has had zinnias. I adore them. My parents have them in their garden too and always have. I grew up with zinnia's all summer in every room and it feels like home to me.


I am thankful for family traditions and hope that we're creating some for Cooper that will stay with him always.

This year in addition to zinnia's, I planted gladiolas for the first time. I love them!! I actually bought the bulbs at the dollar store. There is something so odd about the random mix available at any given time at the dollar store. I saw these, and rolled my eyes- I figured they wouldn't grow and it would be a waste of my dollar. But then I noticed one pack that had a single green sprout poking out. I couldn't walk away. I planted them and promptly forgot until a few weeks later they shot out of the ground almost overnight. Jon asked what they were and it never dawned on me that they were the glads until he said- did you plant some sort of bulbs? They are so amazing and look much more complicated than they are. I think they look perfect in the vase that my parents gave me for my 40th- hooray.


I am thankful for trying new things and for small successes!

We went to dinner tonight and got a surprise from Jon- we're taking a cruise!! Cooper is beside himself and honestly, so am I. We are counting the days.

I am thankful for surprises, for my sweet hubby and for cruises that apparently are at the lowest prices in 24 years!!

What are you thankful for?


dana said...

i'm still stumped at how you hurt yourself so badly that you are now going to be using a cane?! hehe. i can't help but chuckle!

wow. what a THOUGHTFUL hubby you have!!! where will you be going?

Jennifer Barnum said...

How exciting about your cruise. Where are you guys going & when?

I just got back from a girls weekend in Charleston...I am thankful that I have the opportunity to get away every now & again. And I am lucky enough to come home to a husband & child who missed me. Eli actually squealed & almost tackled me when he saw me. That makes any trip so worthwhile.