Sunday, July 19, 2009



Lately, Cooper has had an affinity for big shirts....weird. He's obsessed with wearing Jon's sweatshirts or t-shirts and quite frankly, it's annoying. He can't walk, can't function and looks nutty. Today he dragged out yet another big shirt as we were leaving the river and I couldn't take it. I tried to get him to put on his clothes, but he wouldn't have it. I checked my drawers and found a long sleeve t-shirt that I adore from eons ago. He didn't need much prodding to put it on and it's way more manageable that anything that Jon has!

Years ago Jon and I took an amazing anniversary vacation to the Gulf Coast- I think pre-Cooper but potentially after he was here (hate that the years are running together!). I'm pretty sure it was pre! Anyhoo- we stopped for lunch at Lulu's, which at the time was in the original location on Weeks Bay. We had the best lunch and could have stayed forever. I couldn't leave without a commemorative t-shirt.

Seeing it on that silly kid all these years later.....I love it! He looks so little, and so happy and so adorable. We had about 30 minutes alone tonight while Jon ran a quick errand. He said, "Momma, let's do something fun while Daddy's gone". Hmmmm- quick fun? I've got the perfect thing- S'MORES!

And for 20 minutes we had the best time....eating s'mores, telling him about Lulu's and having fun just the 2 of us.


Jon came home and thought we were nuts- but that just made us laugh even more because we are!!

Hope you have a great week-

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