Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Tomorrow is Cooper's birthday party (uh-huh...23 days after his actual birthday- who's counting!). He wanted a sleepover....I said he could have 3 friends and then changed my mind and said 2. I figured, start small. There will be other sleepovers.

I said that we could have a camp out and they could sleep in a tent- it seemed like a good idea until he really thought about it. Now, he's decided that perhaps sleeping on the floor in the family room would be better. There will be other camp outs.

Typically, Cooper's birthdays are big events- not big in size at all (clearly, we're not in need of crowd control with 2 kids) but big in terms of planning. As in- I usually start planning months in advance....agonize over every detail and throw myself into near exhaustion to get ready for an event that will perhaps be remembered for 6 months afterwards. As I sit and type this post, I am looking at a pile of laundry on the sofa, a pile of puppy poo on the floor, haven't thought about a cake, let alone ordered one, haven't been to the grocery store for food and am not quite sure that I know where the tent is (which may not be a problem since apparently he's not going to sleep there). There will be other times to be a freak.

This time I am throwing caution to the wind and letting it happen on it's own. I'll grab some cupcakes, clean up the poo, fold the laundry, find the tent and buy some snacks. Because in the end, he's a simple little kid who just wants to have a sleepover with a few of his pals.

I think I can handle that, thankfully.


The Browns said...

Such wisdom! Is that what happens when you turn 40??

for the love of a house said...

Love your wisdom; you'll be happier and calmer for it! I don't think you had this photo the last time I was here (the one with you & Cooper) - you are beautiful and Cooper is sooo handsome! love the new puppy too!
Happy belated to Cooper!