Friday, July 31, 2009

Domestication 101


+ this....

+ a process that I have no pictures of because I was elbow deep in tomatoes and hot water....


I am so proud of myself! I called my mom to ask for directions and then set out on my adventure.

I'm hopeful that I don't kill us all- but my mom assures me that she's done it this way for 47 years....and I've been eating them all my life too so I guess they are pretty safe.

I can't wait to open a jar in the middle of winter and have the taste of summer pour out.

I am so domestic!!!!


Lora said...

Ball jars tug at my heartstrings like you wouldn't believe.

I just saw a display in the art school window where a girl had filled them with all sorts of keepsakey stuff (including hair, weird) and hung them from wires at different lengths. I almost cried, because I'm a mental patient who might lose it at any given time. Now this, and I may have to take a few personal hours from work and get to the store to buy a case of jars just to stare at them!

The Browns said...

I am SO SO impressed!!! Are you kidding me? Did you do this by yourself?? Can I have one?? or some? ;)

for the love of a house said...

Carolyn- I am SO impressed! Was it difficult? You're going to be so happy come December!
Looks like you've been having a really fun and busy summer. So sorry about your knee. Hope your on the mend soon. We don't want to see you with a cane on your cruise!!
Thank you for your sweet well-wishes! They were very much appreicated!
Take good care,

Alison said...

Hi Little Sis!!
Oh how I loved reading all your posts... makes me so sad how quickly time passes. I have the picture of all of us from last year on a bulletin board in my laundry room and I smile at it all the time! (the one where we are cracking up on the slide -- and breaking it!)
Happy (belated) 40th and Congrats on losing 12 pounds!! WOW~ All those fresh fruits and veggies I'm sure help a lot! I am VERY impressed with your canning and I would love to learn how to do that (I great up doing that too but wouldn't know where to start).
Cooper is wonderful.