Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

As much as I've tried not to think about it, the fact remains that turning 40 is a big deal and that it should be celebrated with at least a little pomp and circumstance.

I really had a fabulous birthday- we celebrated in TX with an incredible fajita fiesta at Jon's cousins house. And on the actual day- with dinner at a great little tapas place that I adore! And then at the river with my parents (and my cake).

Last week, Diana and Jennifer lured me out to dinner with them to celebrate my 40th and my request was Vietnamese food. Delish. At the last minute, they decided (or so I thought) that my big day warranted a little more ambiance than our favorite dive had and they switched the venue. I'm nothing if not flexible when it comes to food and went along not thinking that anything was up (although Diana did meet me for a pre-dinner spring roll and glass of wine).

We were meeting Jennifer at the restaurant, and as I turned the corner I saw my friend Maile sitting at the table inside the restaurant. And the only thing I thought was- "oh look, Maile's having dinner here too!". Not until Diana gave me this happy/excited nod and I realized that another friend who didn't know Maile was sitting with her did it click that they had planned a little surprise par-tay for moi.

How great is that!! They truly spoiled me and made my birthday complete.

40 mosaic

I am thankful for wonderful friends with giant hearts!

It's a 3 day weekend because the 4th is on Saturday and I couldn't be more thrilled! I am thankful for having Friday off and for being able to celebrate this country that is my home. We're doing something different this year (we usually go to the river) and are heading to the mountains to spend some time with the other side of Jon's family.

Hope you're doing something fun!

Happy 4th of July!!


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The Browns said...

Happy 4th!!! LOVE the photo montage (is that the right word??) you put together. Fabulous.

SO thankful to be able to celebrate your BIG day with you! 40 never looked so good!!

Happy, happy day and weekend.

PS - As handsome as Cooper looks in that picture I'm having a hard time with it b/c I think he looks 12!! And he's sitting down so it's not the height... something about his look makes him looks so mature there. Tell that boy to stay little!