Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ever Heard of Composition?

The one issue with always being behind the camera? There is no proof that I'm actually in attendance at any given event.

Unless I pass it to someone else. Sometimes that can have fantastic results- and other times, not so much.

For instance, our trip to the pumpkin patch today. In my head I have 2 goals- pumpkins and some family shots. I haven't yet perfected the timer feature, so I rely on my sweet hubby to do the deed. And quite frankly, he's a bit composition challenged.

And these are but a few of the results.

Hello hair?????

I cropped this one.....which doesn't help because Cooper's not looking at the camera!

Good, now Cooper's looking but I'm clearly not paying attention. Have the words "say cheese" ever crossed his mind??

Ok, I'm good here....but what about the most important feature??? These are supposed to be family shots. Wait for the kid!!

Honestly, where is the focal point for this shot??

I give up!

Here are the only 2 that actually make the cut- sort of.



Oh well, at least I can prove I was there!

And we really did have fun- which is all that really matters in the end anyway.


The Browns said...

OH my gosh - this made me laugh out loud!!!

Jennifer Barnum said...

Looks like Jon needs a "click for chics" class! Too funny!

3 Peanuts said...

This made me laugh. Looks like a fun day though.