Saturday, October 17, 2009

We've Been Boo'd!!

When we woke up today and it promised to be a repeat of the past two days- cold, rainy, sad & sick. It started out that way, but when Jon opened the door to run to get coffee there was something waiting on the front steps.

We were Boo'd!

I had no idea where it came from (although I have a few guesses), but it was exactly what Cooper needed. A little blessing from above!

The premise is that someone makes a treat bag for you, sneaks it onto your front porch and then runs away....then you have to put the sign in your window and do the same thing for 3 other kids. The sign goes up so that you aren't continuously "boo-ing" throughout the Halloween season.

You can see how sick he is in this picture, but he's smiling (sort of) and that's huge!


Once he read the note, he checked to see whether anyone was in view....


No luck!


The treats took his mind off of being sick and of not being able to go to Indian Guides (a casualty of being sick was having to bail on the Annual Father/Son Weekend). The thought of putting together some treats and surprising someone else? Well, that gives him something to look forward to when he's better.

I think I'm a fan of being boo'd!!!

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Lora said...

this is such an adorable idea! I first heard of it last Halloween, my friend Nicole who lives down on Maryland's Eastern Shore got Boo'd a few time and had no idea what was going on!

There aren't many kids in my neighborhood, and the ones that are there have parents who are total jerks, so it doesn't seem to be happening around me. But I do it at work to the people I like!