Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not Swine!!

We got the call this morning- the strep test came back positive!! They called in an antibiotic and the Coop is on the mend!!

No flu!

I'm so relieved and SOO thankful.

And despite the fact that this weekend was full of cold, rain & ended up being fabulous- just the 3 of us.

To add some fun, each of us chose a movie to watch with Cooper...accompanied by ice cream.

While Jon was at homecoming on Friday night, Cooper and I watched the Wizard of Oz. I call that a classic, must-see flick. It's wholesome and iconic with a tiny bit of scary for good measure.

While I went to get the prescription filled and grab some groceries, Cooper and Jon watched Jurassic Park. He calls that a classic, must-see....with the same criteria mentioned above.

Interesting how we see things differently!
Cooper loved them both.

The rest of the weekend was spent laughing, snoozing, eating great food, making incredible lego creations, reading a tall stack of books and magazines and concentrating on making a sick little kid forget how bad he actually felt.

Hoping that Monday will bring a full recovery!

PS- Mom, if you happen to be reading...don't worry a bit!! We're all fine. I promise. Hope you guys are loving your trip. xoxoxo


Jennifer Barnum said...

So glad Cooper is on the mend. I usually don't get stressed with the hype that the media gives the flu season but this year I have to admit, I. am. very scared!

for the love of a house said...

So, so glad to hear it wasn't the flu!
I love the Wizard of Oz! It is a classic and one of my favorite movies (don't tell anyone, but I even have the soundtrack;)!
Happy your family is well.