Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back from 'Bama

We're back from Alabama and had a super weekend! I could hardly wait to get home because I thought that my pictures were going to be wonderful and they were important because we were celebrating something BIG!

Um, not so much.

I did take some shots that I love.

Like this one at a museum we visited....

Or this one of our sweet kid....

But the memories that I most wanted to capture are quite frankly- a blur!


I am so, so disappointed. But as disappointed as I am about the pictures, I am equally as proud of Jon!! (I'm really, really proud!)

We went to Alabama to celebrate him receiving his Masters of Education in School Counseling.

He's been enrolled in a program at this school....

which is tucked away in the western corner of Alabama. We flew to Birmingham and spent the night, then drove to Livingston for his graduation.

Neither of us knew what to expect....we got to campus and walked across the covered bridge that Jon had read about in the school highlights. We had such fun and shared many chuckles.


On Saturday Cooper and I waited anxiously for him to walk into the gym and I snapped pictures right and left...sure that my trusty zoom lens was going to capture these fabulous shots and I was going to do all sorts of artistic things with them (including sending them to our families).

I couldn't have been more wrong.



This is the single picture from the ceremony that was in focus.

It's right before he gets his diploma. I was kicking myself because I have a picture of him before he got his diploma and right afterwards....but I was too busy tearing up to snap the one where he actually gets his diploma.

He was so excited....both to have this additional degree and probably more so to have Cooper see him get it. And if only I could have captured that look....

That victorious smile and hand pump....

It's there...just fuzzy.

After the pomp and circumstance was over, and we found him in the crowd- I was able to capture the moment properly (ish).


Congratulations honey- even though my pictures aren' pride for your accomplishment is crystal clear!!!!


dana said...

hey, it happens and it's so frustrating.

congratulations jon!!!

The Browns said...


you're funny the way you write- honestly the pictures aren't that bad!

Cha Cha said...

My husband finished his specailist in education degree two years ago and that is about what our pictures look like too, I feel your pain. thanks for coming by my site and commenting. GOD BLESS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Sallie said...

I had NO idea! Congratulations, Jon! That is terrific!!