Friday, December 18, 2009

Have you the Krystal??

We're not fast food junkies....but I think if we lived further south we might be. There is a song that we love that talks about eating at the Krystal- and I've always wondered about it. While we were in Alabama, we saw one and I begged Jon to stop.

There were tons of things on the menu, and so it took us a while. The guy behind the counter looked at us a little bit funny and so I said-

Sorry, it's our 1st time here
and he looked at us, smiled and then yelled into the air-

Hey ya'll, we've got some 1st time Krystal-ers here!!
Only it sounded like this-
1st taam Kreeesteell-ers

And the whole staff peeked through the pass through window and waved to us.
I'm sure after we left they talked about us for hours....

Our 1st time was YUMMY!!

My creation

We stopped again on our way the Krystal!


The Browns said...

Great pictures, GREAT accent!

PS - what song??

Sallie said...

My wallet was stolen at Krystal in about 1985.