Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Heading Out-

One of the best things for me about the few days after Christmas is hunkering down inside the house and doing nothing. I love to sit by the fire, enjoy the tree, watch tv and catch up on down time that's been missing in the busy days leading up to the 25th.

My parents are pretty good at following my lead (or maybe I follow theirs...) and so we lounged and ate and ventured out only for a quick 1/2 price sale (or 2). By Monday, my dad was ready to get out and do something. But what to do...

When pushed, I can come up with a plan like it's my job. So, we took a trip to our local botanical garden! Perfect.

Once there, we were greeting with characters from the Miss Spider books- decked out and ready for Christmas.


Cooper wasn't super into this particular series, but he definitely knew the characters and was interested in how they were made. It was pretty neat.


They had lots of kid stuff...quests for information and special signage throughout. The longer we were there, the more I loved our trip!

There was a train display- different than what I had expected. They created a teeny fairy world....out of natural materials. It was magical.

The details were incredible.

Even more incredible were the orchids.

I wish I could have one of these in my house....I'm good with a plant- but these are beyond my skills. Aren't they just amazing?


My dad and Cooper thought less of them than my mom and me! Nonetheless, they waited patiently while we took it all in.

Once we had our fill, it was outside to the kids garden.


It was freezing, but we had fun exploring the giant treehouse and playing in the houses from around the world.


My favorite part of the day?
The time that my parents got to spend with Cooper....and these pictures.




I adore these....I adore THEM!!

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The Browns said...

LOVE those pics too, but really love ALL your pictures. You've gotten really, really good.

And ps...Mrs Poppins is gorgeous!