Monday, February 15, 2010

and they're always glad you came....

Cooper and I went to see my parents for a few days. We didn't have school/work today but Jon did and he graciously said that he wouldn't mind a bit if we weren't together on Valentine's Day.

He's all romance that one!

Anywhoo- the visit to my parents was a slice of heaven. Sometimes you just need your mom to make everything in the world ok. It's nice to be home- the home I grew up in, not the home that's mine now.

In my growing up home there is no stress, the thermometer is set at 70, everything feels familiar, my mom makes the best meatloaf ever, I laugh, enjoy shopping tax free, sleep in, rummage through memories in the attic, make everything from scratch and there is time for grandparents to spoil both of us.

What could be better?
Not much!

On the drive back home I got this message......

Not sure what time you're coming home but be careful around the kitchen. I spilled a bunch of olive oil although I think I got it all up it may be slick in a few places. Gypsy also has burrs all over her....I've been working a little at a time to get them off but she still has quite a few and she smells like river mud.
Hope your little trip was fun and I'll sure be glad to have you all home.

And poof.
I'm back in the land of reality.

Hope you have a good week (or at least one free of olive oil on the kitchen floor and burrs on your dog!)


The Browns said...

And poof...back to reality. Thank God we can always go home!

Sallie said...

Too funny!! SC got her Valentine out of her mailbox (the mailbox she got for Christams) Thursday night and was so excited!! What an awesome card and an awesome friend. Kisses to Cooper!