Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It feels like forever ago that we were here...


But I'm so thankful that we were.
Thankful for the change, for the sun, for the ability to go, for the time we had, for the laughs, for the fun, for the pure happiness of the day.

We've also had more of this....


And while I can't say that I'm thankful for the snow, I am thankful for a few things about it.
Thankful that we never lost power during the storm, that I have flexibility to work from home when school is canceled or delayed, that my hubby is obsessed with shoveling the walk, that I had all of the ingredients for a yummy bean soup, that we are all warm and dry and safe.

I'm looking forward to the weekend...the end to a week that was much too long and pretty stressful...but that I am thankful for none the less.

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