Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

They've started....the tear jerker commercials for the Olympics. And they get me every time. EVERY TIME.

Like this one- about 2 Janes...

I can't help it. It's who I am.
I'm a sap. And a sucker for a touching moment.
And I'm thankful...thankful for moments that are touching- that make me smile, or cry, or laugh, or think, or rejoice, or sigh, or reflect.

I had a moment that made me do most of those this morning.

The weather forecast is calling for snow. Lots of it- maybe.
We're on the line.
The line between a few inches and a few feet.

But that may not matter-
Because this morning, Jon got out of the shower and said
"Hey, if they cancel school tomorrow....we're going to Florida."

And the thing is- he's completely serious.

And in that moment, I wanted to run over and throw my arms around him. Instead, I burst out laughing, silently rejoiced and said-

Ok, sounds like a plan.

Because it is.
And I'm so thankful- for our moments, for his spontaneity, for him!!


Jennifer Barnum said...

How awesome! Bring me back some sunny FL sunshine.

PS- will be taking RV or plane to FL?

The Browns said...

I can NOT wait to hear all about it!!! I LOVE your husband's crazy spontaneity!