Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sugar.....less. It's sad!!

Today is day 3 of my quest to stop eating sweets in February.
So far, I've been successful.

Things like this don't help-


Have you ever been visited Bakerella? You should.
I stalk her. And I drool over things that she makes because they are so fantastic.


Bakerella participated in something called Sugar Coma. At Sugar Coma you get to eat Frosting Shots.
And lots of other AMAZING things.
Sugar Coma is what I'm dreaming of right now.

Instead, I'm in sugar withdrawal.
And I'm DYING.

Only 25 more days to go.
Do you have any words of encouragement? I need them!


Denise said...

Words of encouragement? Uhhh, the only words I can think of...are you crazy? You know I love my sugar...frosting shots? I am scared to even follow that link!!

All kidding aside, I hope you can do it and I think it is a good idea, just don't know if I could do it.

dana said...

are you crazy?? just kidding, kinda. seriously, good for you!! a few years ago i went sugarless for 8 months and it was fabulous. my skin we so clear, i slept better, less moody, etc. but oh how i missed my sweets. my sweets and i are happily back together ;)