Sunday, January 31, 2010

Storm Stories

We've been loving the storm, the excuse to slow down and just be.
When I say "we", I mean me and Cooper. Not Jon. He's been bouncing off the walls.

I had to practically rip the laptop from his grasp when he told me that he was about to post on craigslist the following-

Will take you where you want to go during the storm- cash only.

Have you LOST your mind??
I'm totally fine with helping Meals on Wheels or responding to a plea from the local hospitals to get their personnel in to work. I am not fine with a random ad for any number of crazy people to be carted who knows where.

He laughed at me for 10 minutes- but decided against posting the add.

Evidently, he had been planning money making schemes long before the 1st flake fell.
Cooper asked for something when they were out....but had no money of his own to make the purchase.
Jon suggested that after the storm ended he could walk the neighborhood and knock on doors to see if anyone needed their driveway shoveled.

Cooper's response?
"Daddy, I'm not doing that. You should stop reliving your childhood."
(where does he get this stuff???)
Jon's reaction (knowing full well that Cooper's right)?
"Then maybe you ought to be a comedian- that may raise a few bucks for you"

Please, I REALLY need this snow to melt- fast!!


The Browns said...

i LOVE your husband!! Can we please get together soon b/c seriously - the two of you? I can't take it!

PS - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your labels - how'd you make them look so cool?!

Denise said...

Funny stuff! My hubby also has a hard time being "snow bound". He had done our driveway and my Mom's before lunch...I did catch him grabbing a nap though later on~