Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I've been trying to practice with my 50mm lens.
It's a struggle.
But Dana swears it's the best lens ever and that once I get used to it, I'll love it.

My goal was to do my Thankful Thursday post using pictures I took with the lens. I'm full of's the follow through that I struggle with. Here are the ones that made the cut.

Gypsy is 9 months old. And I finally like her...consistently.
I'm thankful that she's a part of our family and that she's turned out to be a really sweet, sweet dog.

I'm hopeful that this dog turns out sweet too!!
This is Charlie...he just moved in with George and Jess. He's cute....but I'm a little too close to sleepless puppy nights to think that a puppy is a good idea. I'm thankful that he's got a new home...and super kids to grow up with!

I'm thankful that spring is coming. It's still a ways off (see my earlier post about snow)- but we're almost in February! Soon, these flowers won't just be in my kitchen, they'll be in my back yard. I can't wait!

I'm thankful for this little person. He's growing up so quickly. The days are coming when his front teeth will grow in and gone will be the days of that little kid gappy grin (which I ADORE!).


He had his school conference today and got such a great report. We're thrilled with where he is right now and so is his teacher.

Cooper and I were working on his spelling words (actually, he was working and I was driving). I asked him if there were any words that were giving him any trouble- that we needed to spend more time on in preparation for Friday's test.

He said, "well, I sort of have trouble with bugle. It never looks right when I write it."

Hmmm- I may have a solution for that.

We made a stop at the grocery store for this classic snack & I called his teacher to see if she'd mind a special treat on a Friday. Cooper was impressed with our plan and has a new crunch for his lunch.

End result- no trouble with spelling bugle! I'm thankful that this was a struggle that I could impact. I'm hopeful that with enough of these little wins along the way that he'll have the tools and the skills to work on the big stuff together too! (I'm also thankful for yummy snacks, although I shouldn't be eating them myself!!)

Things I'm thankful for with no picture and in random order....

a warm home*laptops*our good health*2nd grade friends*flexible work schedules (so I can work in a much needed hair cut)*plans for a friday night play date- for mom, kid & dog!!!*finding bargains*my parents*curling up with a good book*weekend plans for a girls night*grapefruit*my job*laughing*legos*the Lands End sale at Se@rs*pizza*
answered prayers*drinking water instead of soda*new babies*help for those in need*the red cross*my hubby!!*

Hope you take a minute to think about things you're thankful for too!!


Playing Sublimely said...

I love it that you get my heartache..but also my excitement :)! Thanks for writing!

dana said...

how cute is gypsy?? how could you not love that face? the 50mm does get easier, promise!!

The Browns said...

OH that gypsy - she is SOO darn cute!!

and your pics are wonderful!

Jennifer Barnum said...

Your pictures are great! I broke out my 50mm lens this weekend. Yep, had it for over 6 months & just took it out of the box. It completely freaks me out & all I have to show for it is blurry pics. Help me!