Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quick Stop....Pays Off!

Cooper and Jon were occupied on Saturday and I headed to the grocery store by myself. I love grocery shopping by means that I can stop in for a quick visit to my favorite thrift shop. It's run by the Junior League and over the years I've scored some super finds.

It's totally hit and miss....
Today I found this.

I collect white pitchers...and this one was really teeny. Perfect for violets in the spring. And 50 cents. Sold.

Nothing in my size called out to me, so I swung by the kids section.
I don't usually find great stuff for Cooper here- but it never hurts to check.

I found 2 pairs of khaki's (light and dark) and a pair of jeans from the Gap. None of them had pricetags but they were in fantastic shape. I also found a rugby shirt from Gymboree and 3 hoodies. Again, no prices.



At the counter, I asked the lady about pricing for the clothes- and she gave me the best news.

They have a new pricing policy.
Any kids clothing over size 2T was $2/item.

Are you kidding me??
7 items, all brand name, all in great shape, in the next size up so the kid can grow and not look like a freak and it's going to cost me $14????

That's not pitcher had a red line on the sticker. Red lines were 75% off.
Yup- I paid mere pennies for my pitcher.

With tax, less than $15- I'm being green, cost conscious and supporting local charities. All on my way to the grocery store.

I love a bargain! LOVE!!!


Denise said...

You get just excited as I do!! I scored in there big recently too...maybe I need to blog about it too...or how about Thrifty Thursdays? Love the pitcher!

The Browns said...

Are you kiddin gme?! I think this warrants a field trip. ASAP!