Monday, January 18, 2010

Fab Fam Fun

We had a visit from Jon's sister and her hubby...


they came to see their son...

but his house doesn't necessarily pass the "mom" test, so they stay with us.
That means that we get to see them too which is great!

They came for lunch and then we grabbed Gypsy, met Wade and Sarah & their dogs and headed off for a little history on a Saturday afternoon.

dog mosaic

How hilarious are these pups?

We headed to
Hollywood Cemetery
- a local landmark!



Not creepy at all....really serene and beautiful and full of so much history.
The tombstones were so intricate. So full of detail and such craftsmanship.



And each one has a story- just like us.

Our story ended after we learned and laughed and had the best afternoon.
Can't wait for you to come back Kathy! (Mike too)

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The Browns said...

OOH goodness. That gypsy has turned out to be one cutey. I need to see her in person!