Monday, January 11, 2010

Having a Ball

It takes skill to capture the memories of my family in all this blurry glory!

Cooper is playing basketball- his 1st organized sport. HUGE. DEAL.
He's playing in an Upward league and I cannot say enough about how fantastic it is. I'm pretty sure that it's an answer to prayer. And I am so thankful.

The whole experience is wholesome and good and full of so many teachable moments. After the game, they huddle and talk through the highlights.


Cooper got a star for his effort....that kid is obsessed with a rebound!


I'm obsessed with the pursuit of perfectly focused action shots.


Denise said...

Do you have a sports thing on your control? That is what I use. I also have to bump my ISO up to 1600/3200, which my old camera did not have the capability to do. I also used the flash.

Glad he is having fun, I just love the program.

I found some frames and need to start priming them this week!

The Browns said...

YAY! Love that Cooper is doing this this year and so excited for the great experience he's going to have!

And the shots really aren't that bad - they're WAY better than mine! ;)