Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Got Perspective?

UPDATE: NO RV was purchased....even after a 2 1/2 hour visit to our local RV dealer. Thanks for all of your comments & e-mails........I am appreciative of the support!


I've been thinking a lot about perspective lately. It feels like there are so many awful things happening- and so much hate and ugly in the world- even right in my own backyard (or at least in my own city). It's overwhelming. And because it's easy to get bogged down in the terrible, sometimes even the smallest addition of crazy has the potential to throw me over the edge-

Like for instance, this e-mail that came from Jon.

I've been looking at RVs and I know we don't need one but if we would ever need it, it would be an option for us to live in for a period of time. Plus they have heat and we could park it near the barn and have heat/electricity/hot water.

Based on a rental of an RV as opposed to buying one- we would need to use it 3X/Year for 5 years- then it would pay for itself. With our lifestyle, I really think it might be a fun thing to try.....especially while he's still young. If it didn't work out I could just sell it.

I know I get obsessed with things and I'll take this slow....but maybe we could go look at them on Monday if we're not doing anything else.

As you might imagine, this raised a few questions for me.

1) Should I be alarmed that there may be a situation that would require us to live in an RV for a period of time?

2) What is this "lifestyle" he refers to that makes him think that it would be "fun" to try for a while.

3) Do you think that there is a large market for used RV's should we not enjoy "trying it for a while"?

4) Do you honestly think that sending me an e-mail on Wednesday and then going to see RV's on Monday is "taking this slow"??

In addition to questions......there are oh so many other things running through my head.

My response to him was a very simple sentence.
Yes, you do get obsessed

So, at the dinner table tonight when I asked Cooper for 2 things that had made him happy today, this answer provided all the perspective I needed.

"I learned how to make an "i" in cursive" and "We had an extra long recess"

Somehow that makes everything ok-
and so....
On this upcoming MLK Day, I'll be taking tours of RV's.

What are your plans??


The Browns said...


I am laughing so hard I'm crying!!!

Please, please, please get answers to those questions. And I've got one of my own...WHERE DID YOU FIND HIM!?

Lora said...

my husband has been talking this talk since we were 18 years old! the plan is that we will either sell this house and move downtown when Jake goes to high school, or keep this house until Jake leaves, rent something until we retire, buy an RV and travel for a couple years then settle into a nice little condo somewhere to live out the golden years

Jennifer Barnum said...

I can see it now...Jon driving in his black socks & sneakers and you in the passenger side wearing your velvet jumpsuit (because that is what people who own RVs wear) & Cooper reading a book in bed all while riding down Highway 95 in a RV. I love this new adventure for the Neblett family!!!